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"We will advocate for you and find the best outcome for your situation."

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"We will advocate for you and find the best outcome for your situation."

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Grosman Law Group represents individuals who have been fired, discriminated against, or are victims of human rights abuses. 

We advise individuals who have found employment and want advice on their employment contract, benefits or compensation. We counsel employees on enforcement of restrictive covenants and employment contracts in order to maintain appropriate freedom of action. We have extensive experience engaging in negotiations and mediations in order to resolve a variety of workplace disputes, and we pursue litigation when appropriate before administrative tribunals and the courts in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We will advocate for you and find the best outcome for your situation.

10 Sure Signs You Are Going to Be Fired! - Pink Slip Chronicles

  1. No News Is Bad News - No longer copied on memos or invited to meetings 
  2. Merger Maneuvers - Boss has said nothing about your new position in the new company
  3. The Siberia Treatment - You are moved to a position with less responsibility, and no support 
  4. The Paper Trail - You suddenly begin to receive e-mails from you boss telling you that you are not doing you job 
  5. The Silent Treatment - You boss has avoided eye contact and friendly exchanges  
  6. Tightening the Noose - You are now receiving memos from your superior confirming meetings and conversations. 
  7. Special Projects - You are now handling "special assignments" and not your normal responsibilities 
  8. Dollar Signs - Times are tough, your told, so no bonus and your salary is frozen. 
  9. The Takeover Trap - Your let go because the company is being sold, but it is expect the purchaser will rehire
  10. Receiving the News - "Good luck and goodbye. You are to pack up and leave today."

Constructive Dismissal

Has your employer made negative changes to your employee contract without your consent? Or you may not have an employee contract but your pay, workplace location or duties have changed fundamentally? You may be able to claim constructive dismissal – whereby you still work for an employer but have been effectively dismissed. Each situation is unique. 


Does your employer treat you as less capable or worthy based on your gender, age, race, religion or sexual orientation? Are your opportunities the same as your colleagues? You deserve concern, respect and consideration. Grosman Law Group will determine if your employment has been limited because of discrimination.

Employment Contracts

Have you been offered the perfect job opportunity? Let Grosman Law Group review your employment contract and provide advice on maximizing your benefits and compensation while mitigating your contractual risk.

Employment Equity

Employment equity refers to policies forbidding discriminatory hiring practices and workplace policies that subordinate the interests of certain individuals on the basis of personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, disability and religion, amongst others. Our experienced lawyers can help you meet your employment law compliance requirements. We work with employers from all industries to review, draft and update employment and HR policies and procedures to prevent problems before they occur. Through our ongoing business relationships, we also help clients properly prepare for and respond to audits and investigations.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a broad service we offer to executives who desire one-on-one coaching for leadership and skill development, performance improvement and succession planning. 

Executive Severance Compensation

Don’t sign the severance agreement until you have talked to a lawyer at Grosman Law Group. We can negotiate for you, determine whether you have a potential legal claim and deliver the most substantial package available.

Exit Agreements

More and more employers require an agreement outlining the terms of the end of the employment relationship, especially with senior management. Grosman Law Group will review your unique situation and draft an agreement that’s right for you and your career goals.

Human Rights

Human rights laws prohibit discrimination based on race, colour, religion, ethnic origin, age, disability, marital & family status and sexual orientation. Grosman Law Group will guide you through the complaints or dispute resolution process.

Labour Arbitrations / Board Hearings

For complaints about your pay, hours or work, overtime, vacation or holiday entitlement, termination or severance pay and you are not represented by a trade union, call Grosman Law Group. We will represent you.

Leaves of Absence

Do you need permission to be absent from work for an extended period of time? Grosman Law Group will advise you of your legal rights, duties and obligations.

Non-competition / Non-solicitation Agreements

Don’t sit on the bench for months, or risk a lawsuit for taking a new job. If you need to know about the legality of non-competition and non-solicitation clauses (often referred to as “restrictive covenants”) in your employment contract, call Grosman Law Group.

Occupational Health & Safety

As an employee you have rights under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, including being informed about potential hazards and refusing to work in dangerous conditions. Contact Grosman Law Group to discuss your situation.

Pay Equity

Pay equity describes broadly “equal pay for equal work or similar duty”. Our lawyers have a high degree of expertise in assessing pay equity compliance, negotiating and litigating the achievement and maintenance of pay equity, and advising clients on employment equity issues.

Severance Packages

If you are dismissed without cause you are entitled to reasonable notice or pay instead of notice. Don’t sign any severance agreement until you call Grosman Law Group.

Termination of Employment

Have you been laid off or your employment terminated? What are your legal rights with regard to notice periods, severance and other compensation, and what actions can you take? Call Grosman Law Group.

Workers Compensation

Call Grosman Law Group instead of a personal injury lawyer if you have you been injured on the job or suffered a work-related illness. Our experienced lawyers know the ins and outs of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment is broadly defined in Human Rights legislation. It may include sexual harassment, teasing, intimidating or offensive jokes or innuendos, display or circulation of offensive pictures or materials, unwelcome, offensive, or intimidating phone calls, or bullying. Leering, unwelcome gifts or attention, offensive gestures, or spreading rumors could also be considered harassment. Call Grosman Law Group – we will help you.

Wrongful Dismissal

Has your employer fired you, breaching an implied or explicit contract by not providing you reasonable notice? Call Grosman Law Group. We can help.

Second Opinion

When something as important as your career, you're working future and your financial health is at risk it is wise to seek a second opinion in order to fully understand your options and opportunities. A second opinion answers the question, is our current strategy on track? How do we increase our chance of success? Is there an alternative strategy that is more likely to result in success?

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